We have compiled a list of the 5 Best Local Coffee Shops in Forsyth County. Want to know where you can find the best cup of joe to sip on while you sit back and catch up on the daily news? We have taken into consideration customer ratings, local value, customer service, and blend quality.

5. Nido Cafe

This coffee shop offers a relaxed atmosphere with an ambiance perfect for date night or a family outing. At Nido Cafe, you can enjoy your coffee with either breakfast or their delicious tapas selections. For dessert? Why not try their Nutella Crepes!? Regardless of the occasion that drives you to Nido Cafe, on Clarion Street in Cumming, once you try their coffee and menu items, you are sure to go back for another visit or a few. For more information on this intimate coffee nest, click here.

4. Blue Mountain Coffee

What is better than a hot cup of coffee? A FRESH roasted cup of coffee! According to locals this is, "the real deal if you are a coffee aficionado". You will find this small locally owned piece of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee paradise, tucked in Cumming on Keith Bridge Rd. From the accommodating friendly staff, to the selection of freshly roasted coffee beans available for purchase, this is one coffee shop you don't want to overlook. Click here to read more about how Blue Mountain Coffee prides themselves on simply making good coffee.

3. Espressos Coffee

Coffee is easy to come by but if you need one with vegetarian food options in our top 5 best local coffee shops in Forsyth County then look no further! Espressos Coffee is it. Great coffee, fresh baked food, vinyl records playing and a friendly staff makes this coffee shop a great breakfast or lunch break stop. Live music, poetry readings, book signings and much more are featured at Espressos. Visit the shop and view the community board for upcoming events. Click here to view their home page for more information.


2. Valor Coffee

Located in Downtown Alpharetta today and perhaps in your office tomorrow, this new trendy coffee shop is our number two and our underdog in the list for Top 5 Best Local Coffee Shops in Forsyth County. They not only serve coffee, but provide an experience for all coffee lovers to enjoy. Don't believe us? Ask any one of their facebook followers who are more than happy to tell you all about it while you sit sipping on a flavored latte or a fine espresso. What is better than sitting at your new favorite coffee shop? Perhaps having them cater your next event! All in all, we are rooting for this innovative coffee loving trio to be awarded 2019 in Best of Forsyth! Keep up the hustle gents! Read all the raving reviews here.

1. Rendezvous Cafe

Named Best of Forsyth three years in a row in 2016, 2017, and recently 2018. Rendezvous located in Cumming, is not only known for their great tasting coffee, but also for their kind and welcoming staff, great food and their AMAZING White Chocolate Scone. You can check out their menu here. Take a visit and let us know why you believe Rendezvous Cafe made the 5 Best Local Coffee Shops in Forsyth County.

Do you have any recommendations for who should make the 5 Best Local Coffee Shops in Forsyth County list? If you have been to any of these local coffee shops we would like to hear from you!